'The Old Man' Finale: Producers Address Mysterious Morgan and Whether Zoe (And Those Dogs) Will Be Back

FX on Hulu's government operative show featuring Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow wrapped its most memorable season July 21 

to be specific, why Faraz Hamzad was so hellbent at getting to Dan Chase (Bridges) and his little girl, Angela (Alia Shawkat). Truly

It was really muddled. Initially we were completing 10 episodes. That was the arrangement when we went into our most memorable COVID closure.

The uncover was somewhere near there however it was given out a tad in an unexpected way

we needed to settle on a decision on the thing we planned to request that he do, and when we got him back

Then after Jeff's most memorable disease with the lymphoma and afterward when things got truly unpredictable with his COVID

Then we took a gander at it once more. We were like

attempting to sort out some way to transform the last three episodes of a season into one finale.