Congress pioneer BV Srinivas shared a video on Twitter showing Smriti Irani's girl Zoish discussing a Goa eatery.

As column ejected over claims of Union Minister Smriti Irani's little girl running an "unlawful bar" in Goa

"Goa is the vacationer center point of India. You can find Goan cooking at neighborhood eateries yet worldwide food is slacking here

Smriti Irani has disproved all charges, asserting the Congress is "targetting my little girl

"Two moderately aged Congress men are liable for the person death of a 18-year-old young lady

Her main shortcoming is that her mom discusses Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi," Smriti Irani said during a public interview.

"My little girl concentrates on in school. She doesn't run a bar. If it's not too much trouble