Leading up to its delivery on July 22, Jordan Peele kept his exceptionally expected third film

Nope, firmly hush. The trailer is minimal in excess of a creepy montage of dull powers and extending necks

Peele was exceptionally cagey about what occurs in the film in the couple of meetings he's given

His subtlety ignited an entire host of wild fan hypotheses and forecasts: that the film is about government robots

All things considered, double cross correspondents saw the film

left it with considerably a bigger number of hypotheses and inquiries than when we strolled in.

inflatable moving men, a flying saucer. When the film has finished, the A-plot has sorted itself out conveniently

No is a captivating and massively aggressive film with a confusing cluster of dissimilar characters and images: a deadly chimp

the two pressed theaters where we screened the film, theatergoers stayed quiet yet as the credits rolled