President of India Ram Nath Kovind will address the country on Sunday just before demitting office

the President's Secretariat informed. The location will be communicated from 19:00 hours on the whole public organization of All India Radio (AIR)

Murmu, 64, won by a pounding edge, gathering more than 64% legitimate votes. 

She will succeed Ram Nath Kovind to turn into the country's fifteenth president.

Murmu will be the primary individual from an ancestral foundation to take the workplace. Murmu is probably going to make vow on July 25

officeholder President Ram Nath Kovind's residency finishing on July 24.

Murmu, a 64-year-old, likewise turns out to be only the second lady to assume control over the job

Sinha yielded rout and saluted Murmu for winning the political decision