When outlaw 1980s Mexican medication ruler Rafael Caro Quintero was captured in Mexico last week

it worked up old, horrendous recollections for Lannie Walker, the little girl of American author John Clay Walker.

While Caro Quintero was just at any point condemned in Mexico for the killing of U.S

 Drug Enforcement Administration specialist Enrique "Kiki" Camarena and Mexican pilot Alfredo Zavala Avelar in 1985

his posse clearly killed upwards of six U.S residents in the western city of Guadalajara around a similar time.

John Clay Walker, then, at that point, 36 and an essayist who had moved to Guadalajara to complete a book, was one of them.

"We were both exceptionally delighted to hear that (Caro Quintero) had been caught

 "My sister and I have lost just about 40 years with our dad, there isn't anything that can compensate for that."

The U.S. essayist and his companion Alberto Radelat, a dental understudy from Fort Worth

They didn't realize that Caro Quintero and his sidekicks were holding a confidential party