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Jila Rohtas does not do any kind of confirmation about this viral news because so far no response has come from Anjali Arora and DSP Nikhil Sharma, many people say that the girl seen in this video is Anjali. Arora is not, an attempt is being made to malign his image through this video.

Anjali Arora’s private video leaked from Kachcha Maidan Rail, is becoming increasingly viral on social media, as let us tell you that Anjali Arora currently has more than 111 million followers on Instagram and along with this Anjali Kangana Ranaut’s The second runner of the famous show Lockup is Pro.

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Latest Update Anjali Arora Viral Video

अंजलि अरोरा के बॉयफ्रेंड आकाश संसनवाल का वायरल विडियो पर दिया पहला बयान

अंजली अरोरा के बॉयफ्रेंड आकाश ने अंजलि के एक मुश्किल परिस्थिति में भी साथ नहीं छोड़ा है इन्होंने अंजली अरोरा का पूरा साथ दिया है चलिए जानते हैं कौन है आकाश सनसनवाल बीते कुछ दिनों से अंजली अरोरा वायरल वीडियो मामला काफी सुर्खियों में है अपने इंस्टाग्राम के माध्यम से अंजलि अरोड़ा ने अपनी रियल वीडियो में आकाश को दिखाया था यह वह इंसान है जिन्होंने अंजली अरोरा का एमएमएस वायरल होने के बाद भी उनका साथ नहीं छोड़ा एक सच्चे और अच्छे साथी होने का प्रमाण पूरे दुनिया को दे रहे हैं आकाश जैसा कि आपको बता दें अंजलि के बॉयफ्रेंड आकाश इससे डिजिटल क्रिएटर आकाश सोशल मीडिया पर काफी ज्यादा एक्टिव रहते हैं और इतना ही नहीं इंस्टाग्राम के माध्यम से अपना शॉर्ट वीडियो समय-समय पर अपलोड करते रहते हैं और यही नहीं आकाश फूल के नाम से सोशल मीडिया पर बीजेपी का अकाउंट भी चलाते हैं|

anjali arora boyfriend akash sanswal statement
Anjali Arora Boyfriend Akash Statement

इंस्टाग्राम पर आकाश के फिलहाल 23k फॉलोवर्स अंजलि अरोड़ा के साथ फोटो और वीडियो शेयर करते रहते हैं इन दोनों की एक साथ पोस्ट 1 जून 2021 को सूरत की गई थी इस फोटो में दोनों किसी हिल स्टेशन पर नजर आ रहे थे| पिछले 2 साल से रिलेशनशिप में है अंजलि और आकाश

Anjali Arora First Reaction On Viral Video

In an article by Zee News, India’s popular and famous news TV network, it has been written that in this case, when Anjali Arora was asked about the viral video, she kept silent, Anjali did not say silent on this video.

Actually the matter is such that a new song of Anjali Arora has been released a few days back and Anjali Arora was talking to the media for the promotion of the same, when a reporter asked about the viral video, after that Anjali Arora. No reply came. Anjali did not tell this video wrong, did not give any explanation, left this matter as suspense, in such a situation many questions arise.

Reason Behind Silent

• Anjali Arora may not have thought it right to say anything on this matter.
•  Maybe the popularity that is getting from this video is beneficial for their album.
• Maybe if Anjali had given some statement on this, then even those who have not seen it would also go crazy to watch this video.

Anjali Arora Viral Video
Anjali Arora Viral Video

Anjali Arora News

anjali arora news– Viral video of Anjali Arora is becoming increasingly viral on social media for the past few days, but people believe that Anjali Arora is not in this video, an attempt is being made to malign her image with this video and district Rohtas ji is doing this. Does not confirm that Anjali is happening more in the viral video. But due to her having crores of Alwars on social media, people are searching her news activities a lot about Anjali Arora, that is why this issue remains a matter of discussion.

15 Minute Full Anjali Arora Viral Video Click Here

Anjali Arora Viral Video
Anjali Arora Viral MMS

अंजलि अरोरा का वायरल विडियो देखने के लिए निचे क्लिक करे

Kacha Bedam Viral Video

Anjali Arora is very much discussed in the audience by making short videos like Tik Tok Instagram Real, she is from Delhi and she is more popular than the video posted on her Instagram Real and she is no less than a celebrity today. Raw almonds became more popular than real videos or from that time their popularity was big all over India, Anjali Arora had gone viral overnight, but this time the reason for her coming in the headlines is not a real video or short video but a private one. Video is MMS.

Download Anjali Arora Viral Video

Viral VideoAnjali Arora
Duration15 Minute
QualityFull HD
Video LinkLink

A few days ago, Anjali had gone to Jammu to visit Maa Vaishno, this incident is being talked about at the same time. Posted

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अगर आप फोटो देखना चाहते है तो निचे दिए गये फेसबुक पेज को फॉलो करके देख सकते है |

Dsp Nikhil Sharma And Anjali Arora

This photo is becoming increasingly viral on social media, as let us tell you that this photo was posted 10 days ago or Instagram story by Anjali Arora herself on Anjali Arora’s official Instagram and wrote in the story “Thank you DSP Nikhil Sharma Bhawan Manager Pradeep ji”

Dsp Nikhil Sharma And Anjali Arora Viral Pic
Dsp nikhil sharma viral video
Dsp Nikhil Sharma And Anjali Arora Viral Pic

Actually or a few days ago, J&K had gone to visit mother Vaishno Devi, while she met BSP Nikhil Sharma through mother Vaishno Devi Bhawan manager Pradeep ji, now no response has come on what is the whole matter.

Anjali Arora Viral Video Twitter

Anjali Arora’s private MMS video first went viral on Twitter itself and a lot of people are searching about it like Raw Badam Viral Video Raw Badam Anjali Arora Viral Video A lot of searches are being done related to Twitter.

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Anjali Arora Biograohy

Anjali Arora is a model actress living in Delhi, who was born on 3 November 1999, she is 22 years old now. She is more fond of acting, one of her Punjabi songs Temporary Pyaar, Tera Vargi and about dozens of songs are very popular on YouTube. Anjali Arora keeps posting her dance videos on her Instagram page every day, her Instagram page is named anjaliaromaxofficial.

Date Of Birth3/11/1999
BoyfriendAkash Sansawal
Anjali Arora Viral Video latest photo
anjali arora hot photo

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He made a video public by singing a raw almond posted on the rail section of Instagram, which became quite viral and his popularity was huge, in the year 2020, he gained a lot of popularity and in the year 2021, he got a lot of popularity for Punjabi songs. Offers started coming in and the song which remained in this song was a huge hit, in today’s time Anjali Arora is a social media influencer, her photos and videos are viral everywhere.

Anjali Arora’s private video is becoming increasingly viral on social media

The 15-minute MMS video is creating panic all over the social media, it is going viral very fast. In this video, people are claiming that the girl seen in the video is none other than Tiktok star raw. Badam girl is Anjali Arora. Anjali Arora has not yet received any reaction among the audience regarding this video, this video is becoming increasingly viral on WhatsApp group Twitter.

what is video truth video truth

So far, the correct information has not been found anywhere about this video, who is the girl in this video, it has not been investigated yet, some people believe that there is no Anjali Arora in this video. He should not be defamed about this video, maybe that is why Anjali Arora has not given any reaction on this video yet, when she is not there then why get involved in this matter

Anjali is very much in discussion with her latest photos and reel videos.

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In the last few years, Anjali’s popularity has started speaking up not only in India but also abroad. Keep sharing. She has millions of followers on Instagram, whom she keeps entertaining from time to time.

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How To Download Anjali Arora Viral Video ?

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Anjali Arora Viral Video Download

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Is It Real Anjali Arora In This Video

No,it’s clear to say

Who Is Anjali Arora ?

Tiktok Star,Also Known As Kacha Bedam Girl

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